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Teak furniture is usually sturdy and maintenance free and, if kept well, this furniture can last over 20 years!

Daily maintenance

  • Use a soft, lint-free dry or slightly damp cloth for daily dusting.
  • Do not use detergents, soaps, abrasive or alcohol-based cleaners. 
  • Place coasters or mats before placing hot or cold items on the surface. 
  • Wipe spills immediately. 
  • Ensure the furniture does not come in contact with any sharp objects, cat/dog paws etc. that may scratch/chip the polish/surface. 

General care

  • If the chair or table feels a little wobbly, it usually is due to a minute undulation on the floor surface. Check by placing elsewhere! 
  • Keep away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, humidity.
  • The first extreme winter can sometimes cause a slight color variation and severe heat or humidity can result in some tiny gaps in corners. This is rare and temporary and goes away on its own!
  • We have seen less than 0.1% termite cases in teak furniture. In the rare occurrence, inject immediately with an anti-termite chemical or call a trusted local treatment service. 
  • Do not drag or push the furniture. You don't want your piece to become unstable. Always lift and shift!
  • Do not rock or stand on chairs. It can cause the chair to become unstable. 


  • Glass/mirror has a natural tendency to get scratched. Keep away from children, sharp objects or jolts. 
  • We do not use toughened glass and care should be taken around children and pets. 

Corian products

  • Although liquids cannot penetrate Corian® Solid Surface, it is best to wipe up spills as they occur. Generally, a damp microfiber cloth used with a standard household kitchen spray should remove most stains.


    For most residues, all you need to clean your Corian® Solid Surface countertops is warm soapy water, ammonia-based household cleaner, or a dedicated countertop cleaner. Do avoid window cleaners, however, as they can leave a waxy build-up that dulls the surface. Always clean using a circular motion.
  • Film will build up on countertops if water is left to dry on the surface. This film will dull the countertop surface, making the finish appear blotchy and uneven. To prevent film build-up, it is very important to wipe the countertop completely dry immediately after spills and cleaning.
  • Some colors of Corian® Solid Surface may require more frequent cleaning to maintain a uniform finish. Darker colors tend to require more attention than lighter colors. Over time, even with proper care, your countertop will acquire a sheen. Dark colors may show light scratches more readily. But rest assured — restoring your countertops to their original glory is an easy process.


  • Remove spills with a damp cloth and wipe dry. Use table mats, trays and coasters wherever possible.
  • Fabric is not scotch guarded. Occasional dry cleaning is recommended for selected fabrics. Do not wash at home.
  • Faux-leather once scratched or damaged can not be reversed. Keep away from sharp objects. 
  • Woven fabric once torn/damaged cannot be reversed. Keep away from scissors and other sharp objects. 

Metallic parts, handles or faux leather parts

  • Keep away from extreme temperature, humidity and spillage of any kinds. 
  • Clean using a dry/slightly damp cloth. 

Please note that we, as an organisation, stand for animal rights and do not use or support use of original leather for furniture making.